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The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

To me, imagination is the closest thing we have to compassion. To have compassion you have to be able to imagine the lives of others, including people who are suffering, and people whose lives are affected by us.

Books by Amy Tan

The Joy Luck Club, 1989
The Kitchen God's Wife, 1991
The Moon Lady, 1992
Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat, 1994
The Hundred Secret Senses, 1995
The Bonesetter's Daughter, 2001
The Opposite of Fate, 2003
Saving Fish from Drowning, 2005

Other Works about Chinese History and Culture

"Becoming American: The Chinese Experience." A Bill Moyers Special from PBS. (See for more information.)
Chang, Iris. The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II. New York: Penguin, 1998.
Chang, Jung. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. 1991. New York: Touchstone, 2003.
Zee, A. Swallowing Clouds: A Playful Journey Through Chinese Culture, Language, and Cuisine. 1990. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002.

Amy Tan's website

The Chinese in California: San Francisco's Chinatown
An introduction to San Francisco's Chinatown on the Library of Congress website

Academy of Achievement
Amy Tan's profile on the Academy of Achievement website

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