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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

No man ever became great who did not achieve the impossible.


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The Jack London Online Collection
This website, maintained by Sonoma State University, offers a wide variety of resources on Jack London, including digital versions of documents written by the author.

National Postal Museum's Stories from the Gold Rush
This site provides stories of postal carriers and the challenges they faced during the Gold Rush.

Public Broadcasting’s American Experience: Gold Fever
This site tells the personal stories of a handful of city dwellers who travelled to the Klondike to strike gold.

University of Washington’s Klondike Gold Rush: The Perilous Journey North
This online exhibit gives detailed accounts of "stampeders" travelling to the Klondike hoping to strike gold.

Alaska Gallery at the Anchorage Museum
This site includes information on Alaska's native people, exploration and settlement, the Gold Rush era, World War II, and Alaska’s statehood.

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